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How to Make Cilantro Lime Rice Recipe Using a Rice Cooker
about 2 months ago


A great way to add flavor to your Mexican food is with the Cilantro Lime Rice cookbook. This Cilantro Lime Rice Recipe is very easy to make and it really boosts the flavor of any dish you prepare. The recipes in this cookbook will help you get the best out of your regular grocery store or Asian market food. The recipes are not just meant for Mexican dishes, but also other cuisines as well. They have simple yet flavorful recipes that you can enjoy as much as possible.


This Cilantro Lime Rice recipe is very easy to make. Just follow the directions on the back of the book. Here there is a simple recipe with very clear instructions for preparing Cilantro Lime Rice, with step-by-step instructions and fresh limes. Use it either as a main side dish or as a tasty side dish with your other types of Mexican dishes. You will find that the taste of the rice is really delicious and it is definitely worth adding to your diet. Get the right recipes for microwave rice or see how to prepare rice bowl.


It is easy to make cilantro lime rice recipes the same way you make regular rice. First, you will need to soak the Jasmine or other variety of rice in water for around three to four hours so that the flavors can meld properly. To make this recipe better, you can add a little bit of lime juice. This adds a fresh and zesty taste to the dish.


It is important to soak the rice in the water so that all the ingredients can mix well. Use large wooden or cast-iron casserole dishes for this purpose, rather than plastic. Any tall bowl will do, but the real reason for using the larger wooden dishes is to allow the flavors of the rice and also of the salsa to meld well together. Once the dishes are ready, make sure to evenly cover the bottom surface of each dish. Add additional salsa to the bottom of each dish and place it over your prepared burritos or tortillas.


You will find that with this easy recipe you have created not just one, but multiple medals. There are other ways to utilize this wonderful ingredient in the process of creating meals. You can make cilantro lime rice soup, which is so easy to prepare that you can serve it immediately. The soup will warm the stomach as well as the body. Add some black beans to the soup for a hearty meal that you and your family will love.


Salsa and rice are also an ingredient in how to make cilantro lime rice recipe. When using this technique, you will want to add the salsa to the water before you start your soak. Then when you come to add the rice and also the salsa mix, simply cover it all in the strainer basket that comes with your rice cooker. This allows for the mixture to be fully mixed before you begin cooking the meal. You can read more on this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQV8xcr1sgQ

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